Make Them Happy. Choose Hélicon

  • We are a bicultural school.
  • We teach through methodological innovations.
  • We promote personalized education and pay attention to diversity.
  • We train competent students.
  • We encourage creativity and learning through games.
  • We promote cooperative work.
  • We offer quality teaching complements.
  • We stress the importance of sports and a healthy life style.
  • We strenghten social and environmental values.
  • We educate for life.



Escuela Infantil

Happiness for the kids, tranquility for the families

We care for the well-being and health of kids from four months to three years of age. We offer outdoor areas and an environment rich in stimuli, which favors the integral development and capacities of the students.

We promote English through workshops and from the first year on with the program known as Kids & us; we also promote passion for reading, with our exclusive library; technology & computing; and sports, in our psychomotricity rooms and in the swimming pool from the age of two on.

At our disposal is an educational team and an experienced orientation department which work on our students’ capacities, experimentation and knowledge within the classroom. This is complemented by field trips, parties and festive activities, in which the support and collaboration of families is essential.

We promote constantly being in touch with families, who can assess the progress of their kids through the information on journals, parent-teacher meetings and trimestral meetings.

What identifies us


    We make the children happy

  • We develop their motor skills

  • We experiment with English

  • We encourage their interest in stories and tales

  • We work with the families

  • We give them a balanced diet