We encourage creativity and learning through games and trust

Our main goal is to make the kids feel safe and confident. Accompany and help them in their first years of life, trying to actively contribute towards their happiness.

We encourage the development of their skills and help them become an active part of the school life, by acquiring values of respect, confidence and helping others.

We place great importance to the development of creativity via games. Our teaching staff promotes the use of projects in order to develop reflection and experimentation. They rely on fun activities, murals, costumes, plays in the classroom and games. On top of this, several themed workshop and pedagogical parties take place. We also seek to have a close relationship with the families.

Within the context of our bicultural project, we make English become part of the learning process through a method that accompanies the students in their school life since they are one year old. But we also focus on teaching the use of new technologies, such as computing; sports, with physical activity and swimming; reading, through the use of performances and games; and the learning of many values that will help the kids throughout their lives.


What identifies us

  • We contribute to their happiness

  • We develop their creativity

  • We base our work on projects

  • We work closely with the families

  • We experiment with English

  • We like to have them enjoy themselves through games and sports

  • We familiarize them to new technologies

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