Middle School

Students are the protagonists of their own learning process

We work on meaningful learning, which allows development of skills, problem solving and adapting the contents to the different paces at which students learn. We assign the main role to the students, offering them tools and strategies to take charge of their learning process. All this is meant to improve motivation, performance, capacities and competences of the students as well as the quality of education.

We encourage cooperative learning, project based work and problem resolution. Each students has, at their disposal, an iPad, which constitutes a new work tool that allows students -with the help of the teachers- to learn how to effectively organize their work, develop the capacity of learning on their own and end up becoming responsible and reliable adults. Changes are found in the teacher-student relationship, learning areas, organization and technological availability.

We supply our own bicultural project, with specialized staff members and native teachers, both of which help students experiment with English and provide them with a level of proficiency which allows them to achieve their professional goals. There are also French and German classes available.

What identifies us

  • Secundaria

    We offer personalized attention

  • Secundaria

    We encourage meaningful learning

  • Secundaria

    We promote cooperative work

  • Secundaria

    We approach methodological innovation

  • Secundaria

    We live English

  • Secundaria

    We develop theoretical knowledge through lab work

  • Secundaria

    We gear students towards life

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