Complementary training is a tool to achieve academic excellence at our school. Within school hours, our students enhance their knowledge and skills and receive a more complete training in five distinct fields:

  • Reinforcement of curricular subjects
  • Certification of technological knowledge
  • Language learning
  • Physical development and sports
  • Artistic expression

With this complement, which costs no extra money, we prepare and certify all of our students in Microsoft technologies and English through various official certificates. These certifications validate the acquired skills involving technologies and languages which are required by businesses and give an edge to our students in their future professional lives.

On top of this, we reinforce different curricular subjects throughout different workshops:

  • Math: Calculus.
  • Languages: Encouraging Reading, Writing, Written Expression and Spelling.
  • Knowledge of the environment: Sciences.
  • Languages: English and French.
  • Sports: Body Expression, Swimming and Multisport.
  • Arts: Musical Expression, Music and Movement.