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There is a department in charge of planning and developing the activities that take place at the school in order to care for the diverse student body. Diversity that includes learning abilities, interests, motivations as well as the differences due to different sociocultural backgrounds.

We at Hélicon understand orientation as a process of inherent help to the educational activity of our school. Its primary objective is to favor the integral and individualized formation of our students, from both a psycho-pedagogical and diversity seeking standpoint.

Preferential attention school for students with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Since the year 2010, Hélicon has been a preferential attention school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in preschool, primary and since 2012, middle school.

We have two specialized intensive educational support classrooms for students with communication and social skill alterations or deficits. The objective is for these students to benefit from studying in a standard school, while still receiving the special attention they require.

The educational objective these specialized classrooms seek is to allow ASD students develop and consolidate the abilities they need for a complete inclusion in the reference classrooms as well as in the context of the school as a whole.

As a preferential school, the intervention with our students with autism is undertaken extensively in the different times and places they share with us, in a way that favors a better adaptation and social integration. We also mediate between students with autism and the rest of the students.

Scope of activity of the Orientation Department

The intervention of this department extends into three categories:

  • Supporting the teaching-learning process:

    The Orientation Department strengthens the intervention with all students, while giving greater attention to special needs integration students and those who need help to develop academically.

    We evaluate and intervene over the psycho-pedagogical and social necessities of our students, as well as supporting and guiding the teaching staff and families.

  • Academic-professional orientation:

    We develop the Academic Professional Information Plan, by which we help our students understand and learn about the educational offerings and support them as they develop their own professional project.

  • Mentor and tutoring scope

    Keeping in mind that mentoring is not exclusive to the assigned mentor, but rather a collective and coordinated effort that implicates the whole school, we support and help all the mentors in the design and development of the mentoring plans from an inclusive and sensible perspective towards problems arisen from coexistence.

We are a preferential school for Pervasive Developmental Disorders and we are convinced that “DIVERSITY MAKES US UNIQUE” and that “THE VALUE OF EQUALITY, LIES WITHIN INCLUSION”