Primary Education

Individualized attention, adapted to the different rates of learning.

In primary education, our students must develop a will to learn and a sense of being autonomous in their learning. For this reason, at Hélicon, we believe in an innovative school that multiplies their chances of approaching knowledge throughout various methods that help develop their intelligences.

Our team bases their teachings on methodologies that involve practice (experience), playfulness (students having a good time and enjoying themselves), and creativity (awakening their imagination and thinking and creating in an autonomous way).

We include projects and research at all levels. We promote interactive, technologically based learning as well as our own bicultural project in the English language: “Hélicon city”, based on the learning of a language by experience, creating situations in which students need to communicate in another language, with the support of native teachers and material.

We stress emotional education, with specific mentoring activities. We invest time and effort teaching them to make an effort, to not get frustrated and to value their strengths and identify their weaknesses.

It is our duty to gear students towards life. For which we educate them, hand in hand with the families, in emotional aspects and problem resolution. We build on their strengths and support them with their weaknesses.

What identifies us:

  • Secundaria

    We use new teaching methods

  • Secundaria

    We work on emotional education

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    We boost the autonomy of our students

  • Secundaria

    We adapt to different learning rates

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    We live English

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    We promote educational inclusion

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