Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Clinic Assistant

Hélicon offers a pioneering program which teaches jointly both qualifications of Veterinary Clinic Assistant and Technical Veterinary Aide. It is adapted to the ‘Programa de Cualificación Profesional’ (PCPI) – Professional Qualification Program- and includes the Surgical Veterinary Assistant Module, Zoological Wildlife Conservation and Equestrian Assistant Modules.

The Veterinary Clinic Assistant is the professional in charge of providing customer service and assisting in the clinical care of animals in reception, surgery, hospitalization, radio diagnosis and analysis lab. They also abide the technical and sanitary regulations of quality and hygiene, under supervision.

This program is directed towards:

  • Young people interested in working in this highly demanded sector.
  • Professionals who wish to broaden their qualifications.
It gives the students an integral theoretical and practical skillset which allows them to access the job market with guarantees. It readies students for work in any center related to animals: Clinics, Protection agencies, Zoos, Farms, Stables…

It is composed of 710 hours: 330 hours of theoretical training (nursing, behavior, diet, diagnosis, customer service, marketing…), 80 hours dedicated to active practices and guided visits and finally 300 hours of practical application in veterinary centers. A complete training course that allows students to work in this highly demanded sector.