The Life at the School Project kicks off

Our primary students dedicate their Thursday afternoons to perform tasks and activities related to the Project of Life at the School (Vida de Centro) in the houses they have chosen according to their preferences (House of Science, Society, Communication or Art and Culture).

They have at their disposal a mentor who awakens their curiosity and concerns related to the specific theme of the classroom. They develop their creativity, learn about projects, and it encourages their entrepreneurship as they take on a lead active role within the dynamic of the school. On top of this, we encourage the exchange of experiences between students of different levels.

The Board of Education of the Community of Madrid has promoted these new learning areas within the curricular hours –governed by evaluation criteria and learning standards- that allow the development of students’ capacities, the evaluation of their competences and the integration of the motto “educating for life”.

The goal is to consolidate the relation between the competences of the Spanish Educational System with the objectives of the different educational stages and, in this way, favor a meaningful and integrating learning experience, which gives our students the tools and strengths they need to face the challenges of our society.