Primary organizes a center life fair

Thanks to the fair, the students of primary have known the activities that will be developed throughout the course in the four houses-arts, sciences, communication and Social-and the different rooms of center life, which has allowed them to choose according to their Areas of interest.

Approved by the Ministry of Education of the community of Madrid, the area of own design promotes new spaces of learning in the timetable curricular-governed with criteria of evaluation and standards of learning-that allow to develop the capacities of the Students, evaluate their competencies and integrate the slogan "Educate for Life".

Thus, they dedicate one afternoon a week to perform tasks and activities that arouse their concerns and curiosities related to the theme of the classroom, develop their creativity, learn by projects, promote their entrepreneurial spirit and assume their role of Protagonist

The proposals of this course are: body and mind, handicrafts, All the People Moving, living beings and environment, programming and robotics, leisure and free time, Dream & Do It, designs that Mola, giving the note, Once Upon A Time, communication, Behind the Camera or volunteer.