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A mentoring program in Secondary has just been launched, whereby students with better math results give their classmates reinforcement classes to take on the best-prepared exams. They are working like teachers.

Our language institute has a flexible system in which each student advances according to their abilities. It has 250 English and German students. The parents know in an information session the native or bilingual teachers who teach the classes, the objectives of the course and the presentation to the official Cambridge exams.

The "Irish party" comes to Hélicon with the celebration of St. Patrick, within our bicultural project. A big party starring the "Irish Treble", Irish dances and bagpipe melodies sung by our students in primary and secondary schools. A brilliant Irish evening!


On Saturday April 2, the school opens its doors to present to stakeholders our educational project, teaching staff, activities, methodology and facilities. In two passes to 10.30 and 12h.

'Come and meet us !!

Students in third grade visited one of the most representative museums in Madrid.
They have made the "Paintings like windows" workshop, in which the pictures were illusory windows different times-the past or the future or other worlds like imagination.


On Day of Peace our students have done many activities, worked values such as tolerance, respect for other cultures and customs and education known from other countries like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Western Sahara.

Our primary students dedicate their Thursday afternoons to perform tasks and activities related to the Project of Life at the School (Vida de Centro) in the houses they have chosen according to their preferences (House of Science, Society, Communication or Art and Culture).

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Students in 6th grade visit the Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex built by NASA in Robledo de Chavela. The center of Madrid is part of a global network that has two similar centers in Australia and California. 

As of today you can read the contents of our website in English (by pressing on the British flag icon). It is an initiative framed within our bicultural project, that aims to encourage a natural English learning process to create useful contexts while encouraging interaction, motivation and fun for our students in everyday situations as is visiting and reading our website. So, now our website also "speaks" English. A bet, that this school year has made us bring in and count on more British and American Conversation Assistants to spend more time interacting with our students, both in the classroom and in everyday situations: school playground recess, library, school cafeteria.

Nuestro equipo de 53 actores, actrices y directoras interpretan "Vuelve Shrek" en el teatro Juan Prado el 19 de mayo a 18h. Tras un año de ensayos, tesón, fuerza y coraje, estrenamos una obra que nos harán pasar un rato inolvidable lleno de magia.

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Seguimos apostando por el biculturalismo, con más profesores americanos e ingleses, el proyecto Innova Hélicon con nuevas metodologías interactivas en las aulas, la mejora de nuestras instalaciones y los mejores profesores para Educar para la vida a nuestros alumnos.

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