Project Hélicon Innova

Methodological innovation through new technologies , projects and multiple intelligences : Project Hélicon Innova


Paying attention to the latest trends in educational advances, our school has developed the INNOVA-HÉLICON project: A methodological transformation in which students take on an even bigger role by offering them the tools and strategies necessary for them to harness their learning process. The project contributes to improving motivation, performance, capacities and competences of the students. It also improves the quality of education, the learning process and academic results.

Without forgoing the tools that have helped us in our teaching process, we promote cooperative learning, project based work and problem resolution. This project implies big changes in the model of teacher-student relations and the work space.

From middle school on, each student receives an iPad4, digital textbooks and a virtual learning space (Xtend), we also have a digital platform for the parents and a tablet control system (MDM).